Reduce heating & water costs with efficient heat pumps

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Reduce heating & water costs with efficient heat pumps

Correctly planned and designed heat pumps reduce energy consumption for heating and hot water compared to other heating systems. They utilise the energy used with an extremely high degree of efficiency, as a comparison shows:

– Boilers with logs or pellets achieve efficiencies of 80 to just over 100 per cent.
– Oil condensing boilers are just over 100 per cent.
– Gas condensing boilers are around 100 to 110 per cent efficient.
– Conventional oil or gas heating systems achieve 70 to just over 90 per cent efficiency
– Heat pumps are more than 300 to over 500 percent efficient.

Thanks to its high efficiency, a heat pump can significantly reduce heating and hot water costs. If the electricity also comes from renewable sources, the heat pump system becomes almost climate-neutral.
How can you save electricity with a heat pump?

The first step to saving electricity with a heat pump is an optimal design that fits the house and the requirements. A number of requirements must be met before heat pump can be installed. Air-source heat pumps can be installed almost anywhere with little effort and also achieve very good efficiency values. High-efficiency models from FERIS are much more energy-efficient than many other systems.

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