Náklaďák pokrytý solárními panely

Truck covered in solar panels

Sweden’s Scania unveils the world’s first truck covered in solar panels The Swedish company has unveiled the world’s first hybrid truck covered in solar panels.

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Tepelná čerpadla v EU

Heating pumps in EU

Heating pumps in EU Meeting EU heat pump goals will slash 20% off heating bills A fast heat pump roll-out in Europe will help tackle

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Solární ohřev vody

Photovoltaic water heating

Photovoltaic water heating Did you know that heating water accounts for up to 40% of the typical household electric bill? Many homes switch from electric

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Jak funguje podlahové vytápění

How underfloor heating works

How underfloor heating works Underfloor heating works by distributing a lower temperature of warm water through a circuit of pipes beneath the finished floor. Heat

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