Unique and patented water treatment technology for homes and businesses, Blue Boson Effector

Technologie na úpravu vody Blue Boson Effector

Welcome to the world of innovative Blue Boson technology. ✅ EFFECTOR technology changes the physical properties of water without the use of chemicals. ✅ Drinking water from our treatment system supports your health by removing harmful substances and microorganisms. ✅ Our water treatment system removes unpleasant odours and tastes from tap water, making drinking water […]

Solar batteries and their advantages

bateria solar

Solar batteries offer several benefits in the event of a blackout when the power goes out. Here are some key benefits: 1. Independence from the grid: solar batteries allow you to store energy from the sun’s rays, allowing homes and businesses to operate independently of the main power grid. 2. Continued power supply. This means […]

Efficient heating with heat pumps in cold months

Tepelné čerpadlo Blue Boson

Cold months bring the need for an efficient and economical way of heating the home. One modern solution that combines efficiency, comfort and environmental friendliness is heat pumps. Here’s how heat pumps work and why they can be an ideal solution for the winter season and in your home. Heat pumps use the principle of […]

Energy Tips for the New Year: Optimizing Your Home for 2024

Ušetřit na energiích

The New Year is an excellent time for new beginnings and lifestyle improvements. One area where we can make positive changes is our home. Optimizing our home to save energy can not only reduce our costs, but also help protect the environment. Here are some energy tips that can help you achieve a more efficient […]

Magnetically structured water – A revolution in households

Magneticky strukturovaná voda

Water, an essential life fluid, plays a key role in our daily lives. With growing awareness of the environmental impact on our health and well-being, more and more people are interested in ways to improve the quality of the water we use every day. One innovative approach that is gaining popularity is the use of […]

Solar water heating – why choose it and its advantages

Solárního Fotovoltaického Ohřevu Vody  - proč si ho vybrat a jeho výhody

Photovoltaic water heating is energy efficient and brings savings. With a subsidy of 90.000 CZK you can have it at home for free! Life in the 21st century presents us with new challenges, and one of them is the need to find sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of heating water. One of the newest and […]

Truck covered in solar panels

Náklaďák pokrytý solárními panely

Sweden’s Scania unveils the world’s first truck covered in solar panels The Swedish company has unveiled the world’s first hybrid truck covered in solar panels. By generating its own energy, this unique prototype has the potential to reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions in heavy transport. The hybrid-powered truck has a trailer covered with 100 […]

Boom of New Technologies in Photovoltaics

Nové Technologie ve Fotovoltaice

The Boom of New Technologies in Photovoltaics: Overcoming the Limits of Solar Energy Photovoltaics, the conversion of sunlight into electricity, is being revolutionized by new technologies that are making the solar industry more efficient and sustainable. These innovations have become a driving force towards clean energy and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Here, the […]

Heating pumps in EU

Tepelná čerpadla v EU

Heating pumps in EU Meeting EU heat pump goals will slash 20% off heating bills A fast heat pump roll-out in Europe will help tackle energy poverty; cut bills and gas imports, and boost health, jobs and GDP, new research reveals. The research shows gas demand in buildings would drop by 40% between 2022 and […]

Photovoltaic water heating

Solární ohřev vody

Photovoltaic water heating Did you know that heating water accounts for up to 40% of the typical household electric bill? Many homes switch from electric to gas water heaters in an effort to save money, and they also make an effort to use less water. Solar energy is the most efficient approach to reduce utility […]