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Sustainable Energy Production and Efficiency through Renewable and Regenerative Technologies

Our vision

Boson means "elementary particle"

Bring innovation to all aspects of life and inspire others.
To make it happen Blue Boson set up testing laboratories to validate existing technologies, build manufacturing lines to phase-in the next generation of products and commercialize technology applications.
It established a foundation for a new approach in research and development, which will inspire new scientific and technological advancements.
Through various partnerships, Blue Boson will work in collaborative ways to explore cutting-edge science and develop clean technologies.
This will include worldwide non-profit environmental and humanitarian projects.

Global Solution Quantum Technology

The patented method of our equipment regulates the supramolecular structure of water, as well as other liquid and gaseous media on three levels – physical, chemical and energy. The method of changing the hydrogen bonds leads to changes of parameters of water such as surface tension, fluidity, heat capacity, density, evaporation rate and reactivity.
Blue Boson applications causes better parameters and effectivity of heat pumps and households heat circuits. On the end it’s bringing savings up to 30%.

Who we are

Blue Boson is your partner in the world of innovative heat and energy sources. We come with a range of Blue Boson’s top-of-the-range heating and hot water systems – heat pumps, buffer tanks and hot water storage tanks with the possibility of servicing and controlling the entire system via on-line connection. We are a company that has a foreign partner with several years of presence on the European market. We guarantee top products, quality, service, reliability and high level negotiations.

What we offer

We offer comprehensive management of any self-generation project, advice, planning, financing, subsidising and installation of a photovoltaic system or heat pump according to the current needs of a family or business. We act quickly and efficiently.

We are a team of experienced and dynamic individuals from a variety of disciplines. We have many years of experience in innovative technology and logistics. We all have a common goal – a better future and the sustainability of our planet. By using the latest technology, we strive for a clean, pollution-free environment.

What we support

We promote the use of renewable energy and work to make it affordable and suitable for every household and business. By reducing the environmental impact of energy and lowering electricity bills for families and businesses, we are working towards the future and a circular economy.

For whom

Our clients include single-family homeowners and businesses. No task is too small or too big for us. We build long-term partnerships with our customers. Our success is based not only on the high quality of our work, but also on our integrity and approach. We are building a better future for all.

Our mission